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Helmingham Primary School & Nursery

School Locality Committee

Helmingham and Henley Primary Schools share a joint Locality Committee in the name of The Greenfields Partnership.  The Locality Committee provide focused governance at a local level and it is the intention of the trust that LCs will have the highest level of autonomy appropriate to their Academy School.  The LC monitors the Academy's development plan and key performance indicators.  It acts as a critical friend to the Academy Head and Senior Leadership Team, offering challenge and support.
  • Particulars of Office for 2020/2021

  • Pecuniary, Personal & Business Interests for 2020/2021

  • Meeting Attendance for the previous academic year

  • Historic LC members

Dawn Carman-Jones - trust member - chair

Dawn can be contacted by email at:

Clare barlow - Community member - safeguarding

Clare can be contacted by email at:

Leonie mCdonald - community member - well-being

Leonie can be contacted by email at:

KELLY WILLMER - parent member 

Kelly can be contacted by email at:

Jo cleveland - parent member 

Jo can be contacted by email at: