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Helmingham Primary School & Nursery

Swimming Data, Sport & Pupil Premium Strategies

Please see our Swimming Data, Sport & Pupil Premium Strategies and Spend below.

Pupil eligibility and funding rates 2022 to 2023  

This table shows how pupil premium funding is allocated to schools and local authorities. Allocations are provided on a financial year basis, based on the following pupil eligibility rates.

Pupil eligibility criteria Amount of funding for each primary-aged pupil per year Amount of funding for each secondary-aged pupil per year Funding is paid to
Pupils who are eligible for free school meals, or have been eligible in the past 6 years (including eligible children of families with no recourse to public funds) £1,385 £985 School
Pupils who have been adopted from care or have left care £2,410 £2,410 School
Children who are looked after by the local authority £2,410 £2,410 Local authority


Summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at school.

  1. Attendance and Punctuality – A small proportion of pupil premium children require additional support to main good attendance above 96% and to also ensure they come to school on time.
  2. Behaviours for learning – Many of our PP children have difficulty with managing their emotions & feelings
  3. Speech and Language upon entry to school – A greater proportion of our pupil premium children require speech and language support when they enter school.
  4. Parental Involvement – To build positive parental relationships and encourage a partnership in learning engagement across school